Novaphene helps a client delivery a product involving hazardous reaction.


A medium sized Indian company specializing in the manufacture of API’s


The client had just developed a new product for an API. The product had great potential. The problem with the route was the involvement of a Grignard reaction step. Grignard reactions are highly exothermic and if not handled appropriately can lead to deadly consequences. The client did not have the required technological expertise to safely handle these kinds of reactions. Also it was imperative to recover the solvent used for the process. The solvent being expensive it was critical that optimum recovery processes were setup in order to make the route viable and cost effective.


The client contacted Novaphene to help carry the reaction and the subsequent steps involved to make the (n-1) API.

We are the experts in Grignard reactions, we have an extensive line of Grignard reagents in our offerings as well. We studied the reaction and then undertook lab trials to achieve the required purity.

The solvent involved was recovered via distillation followed by additional reprocessing to achieve purity of the reprocessed solvent to a level of 99.6% with moisture content of 0.05% making it possible to reuse it directly for the next batch.

Novaphene using its expertise in the said chemistry and was able to synthesize the product in scales of 5-7MT/month.

The client in now one of the few manufacturers of this particular API’s worldwide.