Our first business B M Shah & Co. came into existence in the year of 1948, started by Mr. Ambalal Shah. We started out as a trading company dealing mainly in Caustic and Alkali related products (Caustic soda and Soda ash), we grew rapidly in the first 20 years with our own warehouses and offices in and around South Mumbai the main business district of Mumbai (Bombay) and thus INDIA.

We enjoyed exceptional growth and customer support, and in the year of 1980 our directors decided to expand into manufacturing. We acquired our first manufacturing facility in Dahisar Mumbai in the form of International Chemical Manufacturers. This facility was started with an aim to manufacture Specialty chemicals and Flavors and Fragrances chemicals in the range of few Kilograms to a few hundred kilograms.

Then again the growth was rapid and we subsequently out grew out Dahisar facility and had to move to a larger facility. Thus Bharat Rasayan came into existence in the year of 1989 located at Tarapur about 100 Kilometers from Mumbai. Tarapur industrial area is managed by MIDC (Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation) which is a government body. This area has been developed as an industrial zone with adequate infrastructure and facilities required for chemical industries. This facility has always been under upgradation and expansion owing to our customers increasing expectations from us.

In the year of 1998 we began diversifying and started B.M.Shah & Co. Computer division at Masjid Bunder in Downtown Mumbai. This business is managed by Mr. Parag Shah who apart from being a tech a savvy entrepreneur is a great marketing person. The computer division started out as a computer assembling business but today has is a leading dealer in Compaq, Dell, HP and other leading brands. We also provide small to medium business with networking and software support. This business has a fair market share in security products, (Security CCTV camera, Employee attendance machines) and office automation.

In the year of 2009 we started the process of consolidation to streamline the varied businesses. Novaphene was thus incorporated by Mr. Saral Shah. This company’s main focus would be Advanced Pharmaceutical Intermediates, Personal Care and Specialty Chemicals. We will be focusing on those products based on renewable and green technologies. We also plan to be a major player in the conducting polymers business. Novaphene would be the future flagship company of the group.

1948 Incorporation of B.M.Shah & Co. by Mr. Ambalal shah as a trading entity dealing mainly in Caustic and Alkali related products in Mumbai.

1960 Acquisition of warehouses, storage facilities and additional offices for B.M.Shah & Co. in and around South Mumbai.

1980 Incorporation of International Chemical Manufacturers at Dahisar (Mumbai Maharashtra), for the manufacture of Flavors & Fragrances Chemicals.

1989 Incorporation of Bharat Rasayan at Tarapur (Maharashtra)

1993 Ventured into the manufacturing of fatty acid anhydrides and pharmaceutical Intermediates

1992 Acquisition of Dazzle Dyes Pvt. Ltd. at Tarapur

1998 Started the Computers Division by B.M.Shah & Co. (Distributors for computers, laptops, security related products and office automation products)

2000 Expansion of Bharat Rasayan

2008 Expansion of QC lab, R&D Lab, offices and related infrastructure at Bharat Rasayan site.

2009 Incorporation of Novaphene to act as the future flagship company of the group. Consolidation of the group companies to take on new challenges.

2011 Merger of Dazzle Dyes Pvt. Ltd. with Novaphene Specialities Pvt. Ltd.

2012 Start of production at Tarapur factory of Novaphene Specialities Pvt Ltd. Manufacturing advanced pharmaceutical intermediates and specialty products.

2012 Establishment of Novaphene Impex as the Import, Export and Distribution company.

Future plans

Construction of a new facility in the state of Gujarat for manufacture of Intermediates and API’s and value added Personal Care products. We intend to acquire all requisite certifications FDA, GMP, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 for this facility. This facility should be operational by the year 2014