We invite potential candidates to understand our values and determine if Novaphene is the right fit for them.

Global Mindset

  • Putting Novaphene first in everything you do
  • Leveraging our knowledge to win battles
  • Having faith in each other’s ability to work together to help Novaphene win


  • Providing real clarity on what people are accountable for
  • Taking responsibility for doing what you say
  • Being explicit about the links between performance and reward
  • No excuses for poor results
  • Not Running away from hard choices

External Orientation

  • Focusing on the needs of our customers and consumers
  • Getting to know the world outside Unilever
  • Building external relationships which benefit the business

Action not debate

  • Being decisive and making tough choices with limited information
  • Great execution – debate, decide, implement and follow though
  • Allowing space for risk taking, learning from failure and sharing the learning
  • Not seeking 100% consensus for all decisions
  • Not waiting for perfect solutions

Team Work

  • All leadership teams setting the example for team work
  • Cultivating relationships and networks to ensure collaboration, integration and alignment
  • Creating a winning mindset and shared vision for team success
  • Resolving difficulties in team dynamics

Build Superior Talent

  • Delivering on the responsibility to coach, develop, improve, and manage the talent within your team.
  • Working to increase diversity for better results
  • Ensuring that Novaphene has the leadership talent it needs to win