Novaphene comprises of two business divisions, Manufacturing - Novaphene Specialities Pvt. Ltd. and Distribution - Novaphene Impex

We are privately managed and have manufacturing units and offices in and around western INDIA. We are a part of the 50 years old Shah Group

Novaphene is an R&D driven company offering innovative products for the Pharmaceuticals, Personal Care, Polymers and Specialty Chemicals Industries. We are particularly interested in developing products with minimal environmental impact. We believe that quality growth can only be achieved by developing sustainable solutions. Our commitment towards sustainability can be judged from our awesome products – Isosorbide, Dimethyl Isosorbide, Isosorbide Plasticizers, Organic Pesticide additives and others.  

Our entire team is focused on running successful global businesses based on the rapid deployment of innovative products. Family owned for more than 50 years, we will never forget how we got here: selling quality products along with providing quality service. This customer focus continues to be central to our business.

Novaphene can help you by providing you with the required quantity and quality product along with great customer service. You will always have someone to talk to regarding the current status of your project. 

We have people experienced in a broad range of industries who along with our state of the art manufacturing and distribution facilities allow us to take on your most challenging targets. We take great care to meet your timeline and quality requirements. We have a Quality Control program designed at every step of the operation. All the products distributed by us are also individually checked for quality before shipping.

We employ an environmentally friendly policy and are constantly striving to make our processes even more greener. The effluents from our Plant is given primary treatment on site and then sent over to the CETP (Common Effluent Treatment Plant). This CETP is run by a government agency ensuring proper disposal. We are members of MWML (Mumbai Waste Management Limited), which again is a government agency for disposal of solid wastes.

Please refer to our Safety and Enviornmental Policy