Novaphene helps an American research lab company scale-up a high value product.


A small sized American company specializing in the manufacture of research and high value products in milligram to kilogram scales.


The client a manufacturer of high value chemicals used for R&D. The client is a major supplier to companies such as Sigma Aldrich, TCI America and others. They specialize in high value low volume products.

They had been manufacturing this product for a couple of years now. The volume of the product was steadily increasing each year. They started manufacturing in 100-500 grams scale and were now manufacturing this product in 20-25Kg scale. The client has a laboratory setup in Texas and was unable to cope up with the increase in demand. Also they had limited storage area to store the bulk raw materials purchase from suppliers in China and Europe.

The company had never undertaken a project like this before and had no experience dealing with overseas companies. Also there was a strong concern regarding the security of their product know-how.


The client contacted Novaphene to help them scale-up. We were in a perfect position to help them with their problem. Not only were we in a position to synthesize this product in required quantities, but we had done extensive business with American companies.

The process started when we had our American representative personally sent over to their office to explain to them our track record and to assure them of the security of their product know-how. We then had a Non Disclosure Contract signed and proceeded with the scale-up.

This was a special project since we had to establish a supply chain for raw materials as well. The client had never made the product in bulk and were purchasing the raw materials at an inflated price. We helped them find the right raw materials supplier reducing the costing further. We are now making 500-600Kg of this product a year.

The client is now the only company in the world offering this product in commercial quantities.