NOVAPHENE helps Major Pharma MNC’s process cost-effective


Major Pharmaceutical MNC (Amongst the top 3 pharmaceutical companies in INDIA)


The client had just developed a non-infringing route for a new drug. The product had great potential in developing as well as developed market. The problem with the new route was the use of large volume of a reactant with low conversion. The reactant being expensive it was critical that optimum recovery processes were setup in order to make the route viable. Also the company which had just invested in capacity expansion had to incur no extra expenditure.


The client contacted us to help develop a cost effective solution. We first studied the composition of their stream and designed a two step recovery process. We then undertook lab trial to purify the reactant. The purity of the reprocessed material was obtained to a level of 99.8% making it possible to reuse it directly for the manufacture of drug.

Apart from the recovery of the main reactant the side product formed was also recovered. The purity was adjusted so as to make it possible to have it sold as is. Hence extracting additional value and reducing cost further.

We are currently handling about 50-100MT of their stream every month.