We try our best to be a good corporate citizen. By being a part of various CETP, MWML and other. We dispose of our wastes as per government regulations to ensure our future generation are least affected by our actions

Our being a medium sized firm, we do not have huge budgets.

The Shah group supports school based in Vasai with funds, which are used to pay for books, uniforms and other expenses for the School. Our Founding Farther Mr. Ambalal Shah was the one to support the construction and formation of the school and the legacy has been carried on by the future generations.

Our employees are given incentive for sending their children to school. Our employees also receive free financial counseling to help them better manage their money and plan for retirement.

We support active research by sending out free samples to institutions around the country. This is our way of helping students. We are actively supporting the University of Nagpur (Pharmacy college) in their pursuit of ideal formulations for low cost sun care products for the rural India markets.

Aurangabad University (Chemistry Division) students have received free material for the development of novel, non patent infringing and cost effective routes for the manufacture of Anti-Cancer drugs.

UDCT Mumbai for developing of Isosorbide derivatives. To provide greener and bio-based sources of polymers.